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R.L. Group’s compliant garments and textiles manufacturing units are equipped with cutting edge technology and state of the art machines.

In 1987, R.L. Group made its debut in the apparel industry with Naser Garments Ltd., which initially operated with 15 production lines. Right from the outset, R.L. Group was driven by a commitment to excel in Bangladesh’s readymade garments sector, emphasizing quality, innovation, and punctual delivery.

Over time, the business has undergone significant expansion, venturing further into the textiles and garments industry by establishing new facilities for readymade garments manufacturing, dyeing, printing, embroidery, and knitting. Today, the company has evolved into a formidable enterprise and a prominent name in Bangladesh’s knit garments and textiles sector. This success is attributed to its exceptional team of experienced professionals, cutting-edge technology, and state-of-the-art cutting and sewing facilities.


Naser Garments Ltd.

Year of Establishment: 1987
Number of Production Lines: 25 Lines
Products: T-Shirts, Polo T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Trousers, Sportswear, Sweatpants and other Knit RMG Products.
Number of Machines: 1,100
Machinery Brand: PFAFF, Juki, Brother, Kansai, YKK, UZU, HASHIMA, MAX, TEKMAR, GERBER, KM, NAOMOTO, Monti Antonio
Dyeing Capacity: 15 Tons/Day
Machinery Brands: AHIBA, James H. Hen, Fong’s, ATYC, Dong Nam.


Year of Establishment: 1996
Number Of Production Lines: 65 Lines
Knitting: 30 Tons/Day
Embroidery: 4,000,000+ stitches
Printing: 150,000 Pcs
Products: Clothing Line: T-Shirts, Polo T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Trousers, Sweatpants, Sportswear and other Knit RMG.
Fabric Line: Single Jersey, Rib, Interlock, Terry, Fleece and Knit-Denim.
Number of Machines: 3,500
Knitting Machinery Brand: Mayer & Cie, Orizio, KEUMYONG, Fukuhara, Terrot, Vanguard, Phoenix Flying Horse, SMF, Tajima, MHM, M&R.
Sewing Machinery Brand: Juki, PFAFF, PEGASUS, Kansai, YKK, UZU, HASHIMA, TEKMAR, MAX, KM, Lectra, Gerber, Monti Antonio.

Stylex Industries Ltd.

Year of Establishment: 1998
Number of Production Lines: 15
Products: Shirts, Tops, Dresses and Skirts.
Number of Machines: 910
Machinery Brand: Juki, Jack, Kansai, KM, Honrey, NGAI SHING, Kannegiesser, Monti Antonio, Hashima, Lock, Toyo, Yamata, NG.

R.L. Yarn Dyeing Ltd.

Year of Establishment: 2004
Production Capacity Per Day: 12 Tons/Day
Products: 100% Cotton and Acrylic Yarn Dyeing and Yarn Dyed Fabrics.

Machineries List:

  • Sample Dyeing Machinery: OBEM
  • Dyeing Machinery: OBEM, Sewoong, Galvanin
  • Finishing Machinery: Dong Nam and Galvanin.

Rhythm Enterprise Ltd.

Year of Establishment: 2010
Dyeing Capacity Per Day: 20 Tons
Knitting Capacity Per Day: 10 Tons
Products: Knit Fabrics Dyeing and Knitting.

Machineries List:

  • Finishing: FABCON, FERRARO, TubeTex, DONG NAM, Corino, Lafer, Beneks, EHWA
  • Biological Effluent Treatment Plant: Simem, Italy
  • Knitting Machine: Keumyong

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